Can You Use Kratom for better sleep?

Difficulty in sleeping or Insomnia is a very common condition throughout the world nowadays. Many people across the Globe have confessed that they have some sorts of sleeping problems. According to the doctors, adults should take at least an eight-hour sleep at night to stay healthy. Surprisingly, more than 30% of the world population sleep less than the recommended hours. Some people are even suffering from sleeping disorders like Insomnia. For the treatment of these disorders, most people go for medications while some of them prefer that natural way. Are you familiar with Kratom? Do you know that it can help improve the quality and quantity of sleep?

Kratom is an evergreen tropical plant mainly found in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia. It belongs to the coffee plant family. Kratom has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. Its leaves have several active compounds called alkaloids. According to the drug profile of Kratom, it contains 25 different alkaloids. These alkaloid compounds are responsible for the health benefits of Kratom. Among all these alkaloids, Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine are more important. They act as sedatives, stimulants, and analgesics towards the body. Some other benefits of Kratom leaves include helping in opiate withdrawal, treat anxiety, depression, and digestive complications. Kratom is available in a different forms in the market like paste, capsules, and tinctures.

How does Kratom work for better sleep?

Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine have a very strong ability to interact with the opioid receptors present in the brain. Both these alkaloids interact with the opioid receptors and produce relaxation effects which are very helpful in improving sleep quality. Kratom is helpful in the alleviation of sorts of aliments or medical conditions which can produce difficulty in sleeping such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and headache, etc. It boosts the energy levels of the body as well.

What are the best strains of Kratom for better Sleep?

Kratom has different varieties with diverse effects on the users. Markets are launching different Kratom products due to the high growth of the popularity of Kratom. People who want to treat their sleep problems should choose the right strain of Kratom.

Many users of Kratom have reported that the Red Vein of Kratom has the right properties to improve sleep quality and provide relaxation effects. But why this specific Kratom Strain is good for better sleep and not the white vein or green vein? The red vein of Kratom is thought to produce low sedative effects with a soothing experience.

Three major types of Red Vein Kratom Strains can help to get better sleep:

· Red Vein Bali Kratom

Red Vein Bali Kratom is very much popular due to its strong pain-relieving and relaxing properties. It can induce sleep after mild sedation if it is consumed in moderate doses. Many users love Red Vein Bali Kratom due to its groggy and mild sedative effects.

· Red Borneo Vein Kratom

This Red Vein Kratom strain belongs to the 3rd largest Island in the world known as Borneo in Indonesia. Red Borneo Vein Kratom has proven to be a perfect painkiller and anxiety-reliever. The experts of Kratom have claimed that this strain is particularly best for people suffering from Insomnia and sleep disorders. Red Borneo Vein Kratom should be induced before going to bed because it induces sleep when taken in a moderate dose. Thus, you can schedule your Kratom dosage according to the sleeping time.

· Red Sumatra Vein Kratom

It originates from Sumatra Island, Indonesia. Red Sumatra Vein is considered the most effective strain of Kratom due to its prolonged effects. It can strongly induce sleep by producing relaxation effects for at least 10 hours. Just grab one capsule of Red Sumatra Vein Kratom and forget about waking up at night. It also alleviates depression and anxiety.

It is very important to mention here that always use Red Vein Kratom strain for better sleep. Avoid the use of White Vein Kratom strain because it will only give you stimulation and sedative effects. The Green Vein Kratom is not favorable for sleep-inducing as well.

· What is an optimal dosage of Kratom for better sleep?

You should consume an optimal dosage of Kratom to get high-quality sleep and effective results. Also, it is very important to be aware that individuals respond differently to different doses of Kratom. Hence, some people need a higher dose to achieve the desired effects, while some people need standard doses. In fact, some people need a very little dose to achieve the desired effects.

According to the expert’s doctors, about 2-3 grams dose of Kratom strains is optimal for a prolonged sleep with some light sedative effects. However, if you want prolonged sleep with moderate effects, 3-5 grams doses will be optimal. If you want to achieve prolonged sleep with higher effects, the Kratom strain doses of around 6-7 grams will be enough.

If you are a beginner to Kratom, start using it with low doses and increase the dose gradually. In case you find any difficulty in measuring your optimal doses, you can use Kratom capsules which have a fixed amount of Kratom strain. It saves you from overdosage.


Kratom, particularly Red Vein, is very helpful in getting better sleep. However, you should use it in a proper amount. Consulting with your doctor is highly recommended before using Kratom.

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